This is not Tripoli

I’m truly disgusted about reports claiming Tripoli is a city of war zone and . Feed your lies to people who never had the chance to see the truth. Even Lebanese who don’t live in Tripoli are believing these lies, I congratulate you to allowing these shitty articles and journalists to brainwash your mind, and destroying the beautiful image of our amazing country, and cities.

Unfortunately this lie is believed by every single one of us who lives outside Tripoli, as George Orwell said in his book 1984 “If all others accepted the lie imposed- if all records told the same tale- then the lie passed into the history and became truth.”

You can’t judge a book by a sentence, a street by one family, and a city by a small neighborhood. For heaven’s sake, is it the first time you hear that a city has unsafe areas where poor uneducated innocent people live who are “marionettes” to bad people? Even your “Paris” and “New York” has bad areas.

I wonder why any journalist Lebanese or not don’t show the other 90% of our beautiful city that they’re trying to hide. So please stop the lies, nobody knows our city more than us. Stop showing our city a violent city,I got sick of this. So who are you going to believe a stranger who doesn’t care about anything except for ruining our image, not only Tripoli’s but Lebanon’s or us ,the citizens, who know every single street, every single detail, and have been living here for ages?